Lindsey in North Carolina

Lindsey Goodman, having earned her master of music in Flute Performance from Northwestern University in 2003, has carved an impressive career as a prominent soloist in the realm of new music.  Most of her programs contain at least one world premiere or regional premiere, and more often than not, written specifically for Lindsey.  

Lindsey was one of a handful of flutists invited to return to Northwestern to perform on a concert presented in celebration of the retirement of her flute professor, WALFRID KUJALA, after 50 years of teaching at Northwestern.      On that program, Lindsey performed "Lizamander" by Russell Pinkston for flute and live-electroacoustics.

The Kujala Tribute concert was on June 4, 2012, and the grand finale for that program  was the world premiere of "TAKING CHARGE" by JOSEPH SCHWANTNER, a trio for flute/piccolo, percussion and piano.     The world premiere on June 4 was performed by a resident trio at Northwestern at the time, and Lindsey followed up shortly after with a performance of TAKING CHARGE in Pittsburgh, where she is the solo flutist of the renowned PITTSBURGH NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE.    

Lindsey will perform TAKING CHARGE again as a guest artist with FRESH INK, a critically acclaimed presenter of new music,  in Charlotte, North Carolina at 3:00 PM  on March 17, 2013.  

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